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Pore ​​Mininizing Mask Sheet: Pore Minimizing Mask Sheet
Combines the essence of essence from the miracle of nature. Rich in 5 extracts of black extracts.
These include Hikari Seaweed Extract, Black Pepper, Caviar Egg, Charcoal Powder And Black Currant
To control it And make the pores look smaller. Nourish your skin naturally.
Delivers cool, comfortable feel to your facial skin.

Oil Control Mask Sheet: Oil Control Mask Sheet
Helps to treat your skin with Witch Hazel extracts that are effective in reducing oil production.
And tighten the pores to look smaller. Blended with the power of green tea. Reduce acne. And strengthens the skin.
Delivers cool, comfortable feel to your facial skin.

Whitening Mask Sheet: Whitening Mask Sheet
Combines the power of skin regeneration from the berries. Which contains antioxidants.
Helps to slow the deterioration of the skin. Along with skin rejuvenation with collagen. To clear skin.
Fluffy look younger Delivers cool, comfortable feel to your facial skin.

Moisturizing Mask Sheet: Moisturizing Mask Sheet
Effective in regenerating healthy skin from the extract of the phytoplankton.
Makes the skin soft and moist. Restore moisturize the skin. Helps reduce wrinkles of the time.
And repair damaged skin cells to shine brightly. It also nourishes the skin to look younger.
Smooth and comfortable with cool skin.

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