Perfume 45ml Reunion Silom


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Aromatherapy inspired by the attractions in Thailand,
there are 4 series to choose 45 ml.

Awakening stimulates the body and mind with 4 scents.

101. Kiew Mae Pan is heaven on earth of Thailand. The beauty of the sea. This is due to the condensation of steam.
Rose, freesia and citrus scented with cedar and sandalwood to help wake up in the morning.
102. Phu Chi Fah  Beauty of the prominent high cliff floating in the air. The cold wind blowing through the body.
Relax with the aromas of bergamot, tangerine and lemon followed by the sweetness of roses. Lavender
103. Wang Nam Khiew  “Swiss Isan” is rich in refreshing ozone. Make your mind clear every time you touch the
citrus scent of pineapple. Enhances refreshing vitality. Rose fragrance with rose And violet
104. Mon Cham  breeze blowing through the mountains among the trees mass flora varieties.
The aroma of lilac flowers. Romantic Fragrance of Jasmine Rose and Ylang Ylang

Revitalizing helps to restore clarity. 4 scents

201. Similan, the beautiful paradise of the sea to the horizon. With a refreshing scent of Grapefruit.
And the brightness of apples. With the sweet smell of peony. And violet flowers
Mix with Musk and Amber. Provides a relaxing aromatic
202. Maya Bay, the spectacular landscape surrounded by tall rock mix emerald waters clear.
Touch the breeze, smell the fresh aroma of bergamot. And Verbena
Mix Wake up with lemon grass and orange.
203. Chao Phraya River “The main river of Thailand. The charm of the river near the historical attractions.
Through the scent of magnolia, rose and apple smell. The aroma of sandalwood
and Amber reminds of the life of the Siamese people in the past.
204. Hua Hin, a place of relaxation near the city. Add vitamin C The sound of sea waves that hit the rocks.
Among the white beaches are lime-orange flowers that add to the joy. Cool with mint.

Charming is a fascinating charm, fascinating 4 scents.

301. Silom  at night invites people to relax and enjoy the holiday. Lead to creativity.
The smell of the Oriental
302.  Lo  , a delightful aroma inspired by Lo Thong. Popular Nightlife
Passionate, sexy, seductive, carpets all over the body with a floral scent. Sweet and luscious with a lily of white color.
303. Patpong district. The fascinating land of lyrical entertainment. , Black currants and grapefruit.
And end with the charm of attractive women and find the fragrance of lilies of the valley.
304. Khaosan RoadThe bustling night with Thai and foreigners. Shippable Thai jasmine flowers.
The sweet, charming, old-fashioned art still remains today.

Relaxing Relaxing Suitable for 4 peaceful nights.

401.  Doi is always creative stars  from the stillness of the mountain. Romantic atmosphere blows gerbera.
Blended with the flower mass. The smell of Eucalyptus The soothing the mind for relaxation, calm
402. Doi Pha Hom Pok in the evening calm. Creation of aromatic flora variety.
The smell of fresh Peppermint. Green tea and cloves Mild heart of jasmine and chocolate mousse at
403.  Phu Soi Dao  in the sky dark on Phu Soi Dao. Beautiful night Invite to sleep stars.
Through the fragrance of leaves. And eucalyptus And the fragrant aroma of rose jasmine flowers lilies.
404.  Amphawa  Floating Market, a place with a warm atmosphere. Charming with the scent of myrrh.
With the fresh aroma of lemon. And relax from the Lavender to sleep.