B-Jim Powder 15000mg x 15 Sachets Jejuvita (15 packs a box) + Shake Cylinder


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Powder supplements The main ingredients. 
Lactose Oligosaccharide (Fructoligosaccaride) is a plant extracts with large molecules. It is a water-soluble fiber when eaten. 
Lemon Powder (Lemon Powder)  helps relieve colic. 
Barley Grass Extract (Barley Grass Extract)  to smooth the fat process smoothly. It makes the weight fit and standard. 
Artichoke Powder is an extract from a foreign plant. Active ingredient name sarin (cynarin) to resolve flatulence. Indigestion from eating foods that are high in fat. 
L-Carnitene L-Tatrate is a type of amino acid produced by the liver. Increased absorption of L-carnitine makes the metabolism better.
Alfalfa Extract has the ability to remove toxins from the body. Relieve constipation And help skin to shine. Watery 
Garcinia extract (Garcinia Extract) accelerated fat old. New inhibition of fat. 
Conjugated Linoleic Acid Reduces the accumulation of fat. Accelerate the fat accumulation accumulated. 
Brown Seaweed extracts help regulate calorie intake. 
Raspberry Extract reduces the size of fat cells and prevents fat. It also contains antioxidants. (Anti-Oxidant)

To use: Mix B – Jim Powder 1 pack with cold water or water temperature room 150-200 ml. 
Drink regularly before going to bed once a day with B-Jim capsule for faster results.