Booster Mask 140ml Baby Bright Red Wine


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Baby Bright Booster Mask Red Wine + Gluta
+ Vit C Mask boost skin vitality. Clarity formula Enriched with extracts of red wine made from grape seed.
Anti-oxidant to the skin to look younger. Glutathione glutathione glutathione. Reduce dull skin.
More radiant And vitamin C concentration. Reduces dark spots and smoothes
out skin tone, giving a flawless, radiant skin.

Baby Bright Booster Mask Aloe Vera
Moisture Mask is rich in aloe vera extract. Skin Care
To shine and moisturize the skin with the rejuvenation of the skin is harmed by pollution and sunlight. Fade red
Acne scars It also contributes to the anti-bacterial causes of acne.
Reduce the rash caused by allergies. Leaves skin smooth, healthy throughout the body.

Baby Bright Booster Mask Gold & Snail
Mask boost skin vitality. Tightening formula Merge two gold and snail slime extracts.
To regain youthful tightness to the skin again. With the ability to add elastin in the skin.
Helps moisturize the skin, tighten and tighten. Prevents premature aging.
The skin is deeply damaged by pollution. Skin is smooth and youthful to feel.