Cathy Doll Secret Recipe 2in1 Snail Honey Ginseng With Gold Sleeping Serum Mask 70g




Cathy Doll Secret Recipe 2in1 Snail Honey Ginseng with Gold Sleeping Serum Mask Face Mask Serum No need to wash out the gold formula + honey, sleep mask that combines the best of serum from the 4 natural values ​​in one.
Enter into the care of youthful skin overnight. Helps restore all 4 skin problems, reduce redness, firming skin, firming wrinkles. And adjust the skin radiant With the perfect combination of natural serum That combines the work well as well …
– Snail mucus serum Helps to reduce the appearance of redness, dark spots and firming the skin.
– Top grade honey serum. Helps to replenish nutrients for healthy, youthful looking skin
– Concentrated Ginseng Serum Rich in antioxidants, excellent performance Helps reduce wrinkles, tighten skin
– Pure gold serum Helps restore skin elasticity Ready to brighten the skin naturally. How to use Apply cream over the face and neck before going to bed without rinsing.
FDA Notification No. 10-2-5908998