Duo Blusher 5g Crayon #01 Copsy Mandarin


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Blush powder compressed. Small molecule Compounded with light, shine, glitter, and cheeks, the cheeks are dimensioned 
in two shades that are well selected. To create a distinctive look with a variety. 
Available in either a single or a brushed finish, as well as a two-color finish 
to enhance the color. 
Meet all the forms of makeup without limit. You can create your own beautiful cheeks every day.

4 is not unique.

1. Choose only one color. Brighten the cheeks. 
2. Choose a brighter shade on the side. Then dark circles over the cheekbones. Give a trendy girl. 
3. Choose a brighter shade over the top of the cheeks. The darker the cheek area. Make the page look slender. 
4. Use a brush to mix the two colors together, the new color is unique and round the cheek circle.