Glutato 15000mg Jejuvita (6 packs 1 box)


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Dietary supplements of red fruits are easily dissolved with vitamins.

Components in Jujujita Glutathione

Red fruit extracts (RED fruits)

– Acerola Cherry Extract from Acer Aspara Cherry

– Tomato Extract (Lycopene), carotene extracts from tomatoes.

– Pomegranate Extract (Polyphenol) Pomegranate Extract

· SKIN substitute

– Fish Collagen Peptide Collagen extracted from sea fish.

Hyalulonic Acid Hyaluronate

· Antioxidants (SUPER antioxidants)

– L-glutathione L – glutathione skin.

– Coenzyme Q10 Coenzyme Q10

– Alpha Lipoic Acid Alpha Lipoic Acid

To use:  Mix 1 envelope Glutamine countered with cold water or room temperature water volume of 150-200 ml 
, stir and drink immediately. Should drink regularly before going to bed once a day.