Room Diffuser 70ml Reunion (White Edition) Kwan-Kao Tradition


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Aromatic stems The white package is inspired by the scent of various festivals. Of each region in Thailand

There are 6 scents to choose from …
REUNROM Songkran Festival Room Diffuser Songkran Festival
From ancient Songkran day is the New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day of Thailand.
Everyone in the family gathered to celebrate the blessing of blessing and happy to start the happy new year.
Then the people bring water to sprinkle together to cool off and make fun. It is the beginning of the water festival that people all over the world know and love.
Inspired by the fresh aroma of the cool water (AQUA) reminiscent of the Songkran Festival with freshness
, cheerfulness, fun with fragrant flowers. The jasmine (JASMINE) orange blossom (NEROLI)
and also with the smell of powdered clay (POWDERY) with joy. With the smell of various fruits (FRUITY)
REUNROM Loy Krathong Festival Room Diffuser Loy Krathong Festival
Loy Krathong Day is the day when the villagers bring the Krathong flower decorated like a lotus flower.
Floating incense on the moon at full moon, shining light reflected on the water filled up.
To ask for the goddess Ganges. The aroma inspired by Loy Krathong.
FLORAL is a flower that is adorned with the aroma of POMGRANATE
, PLUM, CEDARWOOD, BLUE. The smell of faded candles.
Refresh the festive season with the scent of Vanilla and PATCHOULI.
REUNROM Yi Peng Lantern Floating Room Diffuser
The aroma is warm and beautiful as the brightness of Yi Peng.
The sky in the folk tradition of the Lanna people. Chiangmai Province The belief in the unleashing.
The mulberry paper is placed on the bamboo frame, and the center of the lamp is lit up to allow the heat to float into the air.
The aroma of aromatic scents of Bergamot,
Rose (ROSE) and Geranium (GERANIUM) give the sweet aroma. Fresh It also has the smell of SANDALWOOD
and VETIVER, reminiscent of a beautiful night sky full of glittering sky.
REUNROM Kwan-Kao Tradition Room Diffuser
Fragrant reminiscent of Thailand’s fertility. JASMINE RICE
combines the scent of pandan (Pandan) to commemorate the tradition of merit-making that combines the unity of the farmers.
In order to call the goddess who fell from the vineyard to the barn. Worship Destroy pests and animals.
To get more yield in the next year. To cheer and the belief of the farmer. Including the express gratitude to the mother.
To make rice better next year.
REUNROM Bua Festival Room Diffuser
Inspired by the ancient Thai tradition of “Lotus” to create a sweet and gentle aroma convey the charm of the Thai people.
The sweet smell of lotus (LOTUS) and Peonies (PEONY) perfectly.
Combined with the freshness of Black Currant (BLACKCURRANT), APPLE (ORANGE BLOSSOM) and orange blossom (ORANGE BLOSSOM)
to revive the rejuvenation of the festival lotus-throated lotus. The local tradition of Bang Phli.
From the villagers often keep the lotus to give when the foreigners boating to get to the gods.
Later, this tradition became the invocation of Luang Pho Phraya Buddha on the boat. Arrive at Samrong Canal.
To the Bang Phli people on both sides of the canal offering lotus by throwing the lotus into the hull.
REUNROM Thai Blessing Ceremony Room Diffuser
The aroma of warmth and warmth is a symbol of Thailand’s hospitality.
It is a sacred ceremony that is popular as a family. Or is a large ceremony by the status. I do not know what to do.
Congratulations! Thank you. successful success Comfortable mind
Refreshed by the scent of citrus (CITRUS), CASSIS (CASSIS) and APPLE (APPLE)
combine with the aroma of flowers in the pan. Thai WILD WATER PLUM, JASMINE and ORCHID.