Scented Herbs 5g Reunion Orange Herb


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Aromatherapy Gift Set for Inhalation Made from various herbs such as dried nutmeg. Clove dry

Black pepper Crisp dry Dried cinnamon bark Dried cardamom, coriander seeds and dried chili seeds.

Aromatherapy with herbs. Lavender Peppermint and Orange

Refresh perky Relaxes the mind from stress, anxiety and dizziness.

Suitable for sending love. Give it to someone special.


1. Herbal traditional herbs

Traditional herbs Combines the value of various herbs for a refreshing and aromatic scent.


2. Lavender herbs

An aromatic herb for the smell of oranges. Combines the value of various herbs for a refreshing and exhilarating sensation.


3. Peppermint Herbs

Aromatic herbs for peppermint aroma Combines the value of various herbs to help you feel.

Cool, refreshing and rejuvenating.


4. Orange Herb

Aromatherapy for lavender The value of herbs.

For relaxation and coolness.


5. Rose Herb

Aromatic herbs to inhale the rose Combines the value of various herbs to deliver peace.

And relax the emotions of tension.