The First Treatment Essence Intensive Moist 150ml


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Contains concentrated fermented yeast with 80%
And nutrients. To adjust the skin in the first step before maintenance. To strengthen the skin.
Enhances the performance of yeast by oxidizing.
Yeast is structurally similar to human skin cells, increasing the number of skin cells. Perfect is doubly
Contains natural moisturizer. Improves the foundation of the skin.
More moisturizing, lifting and balancing skin.
Innovative Essence from Misha Lift the skin. Reduce wrinkles. The skin is radiant.
Revitalizes the skin to the ideal skin.
1. Increase flexibility.  2. Lift the skin.  3. Increase the moisture. 4. The skin is radiant. 
5. Wrinkle Management  6. Adjust the skin. 7. Skin regeneration  8. Smooth skin